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Hint 2 - iframes

posted on: June 3rd, 2010

The html-based iframe tag apparently is one of those embarrassing things that no self-respecting professional code jockey would ever be caught using in a website design. But just as the chimpanzees at the zoo have no idea that they are part of the Hominidae family and go ahead and pleasure themselves in public anyway, I am not a professional code jockey, and any sense of shame is vastly overshadowed by the pleasure I get from a dirt-easy way to embed my Lightroom HTML galleries directly into a web page. ⇒

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Hint 1 - take advantage of browser capabilities

posted on: June 2nd, 2010

Safari, Chrome and Firefox are all browsers that have implemented many of the features of the upcoming HTML5 and CSS3 specifications. So you can do some very easy styling customizations for getting things like nifty Web 2.0 rounded corners and cool gradients for many of your html elements. No need to go to the trouble of making some slick mockup in photoshop and then slicing it into nine pieces so your shiny button will scale properly. Just add a custom style to your Thesis custom.css file. ⇒

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