Creative printmaking approaches using polymer plates

May 15th-26th, 2021

In the four days of this course, participants will learn how to use commercial steel-backed polymer plates for use in relief and intaglio printing; working with continuous tone images and making photo-gravure prints from these plates. Polymer plates are a useful addition to the toolbox of book artists due to their durability, ease of use and low-environmental-impact processing needs. This course will cover everything from the composition of the plates to the appropriate exposure, processing and printing. Students will learn the wonder of making your own perfect relief negatives using the QuadTone RIP driver, scanning techniques and tips, making plates from digital photos and scanned artwork, and how to best expose and process polymer plates. Finally, we will touch on techniques such as chine-colle, a la poupee, and printing on non-standard substrates.

This course is part of a two week long educational opportunity called the Paper Book Intensive. Participants sign up for multiple courses over this two week period. This course is just one part of the experience for anyone wanting to participate. More information is available here.