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DTP QTR profile for LSL94SM plates Epson p800

posted on: June 28th, 2021

This download link contains a linearized Quadtone-RIP profile for direct-to-plate printing on Jet LSL-94SM plates using only the mK stock Epson ink. The exposure is the same 7 minutes that I use for my LSL-73SP plates. It is relatively exposure tolerant, and 5 or 6 minutes in direct sun ought to get you in the ballpark.

This profile assumes you will use the 1440-super resolution in the QTR driver. I am able to get final print dMax of about 1.65 with Charbonnel Soft Black ink using this profile. Other ink choices, vastly different light sources, DTP resolutions or printers will require profile editing or re-linearization.

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