This website

This is my personal website. This website is around the 5th version over the last 10-12 years. I first created the site to display my photography work, and that is still one of its primary purposes. I am a serious amateur photographer who does a lot of the alternative printing processes such as platinum-palladium, photogravure. silver-gelatin and a few others. I have had exhibits, sell my work, and conduct workshops teaching people how to do these things.

So chances are, that is the reason you are here. Unless you just awoke from a twenty year nap, you probably know there are approximately 13 billion photos on the world-wide-web currently, so the conceit that somehow a personal website will help me stand out from the crowd is delusional thinking at best, and stone cold crazy at worst.

During this re-write, I realized that I have a lot of interests. I like to hike and climb, fly-fish, bake bread and pizzas, hack on computers and I still really, really enjoy my day job as a geophysicist and geologist. So I decided to create a place where I could just post whatever the hell I want. You will still find my photographs here, but you might also find a bread recipe, a computer programming explanation, or a video on baking pizzas in an outdoor oven. In short, this place is now a photo-heavy blog that’s only organizing principal is the content is about stuff that interests me.